Thud Goes the Social Justice Cause

19 05 2016

Landover, Maryland

All the media, activist and SJW drum beating.

No there there.

The survey shows that non-Indians are more that twice as opposed to R******s as Indians are, though that’s far from a majority in its own right.  Then again, this powwow never really was about Indians, except in as much as Democrats thought it could turn out the Indian vote to save Senate Democrat candidates, as Harry Reid confessed.  What it’s really all about is white people engaged in virtue signaling and SJWey-than-thou preening against other white people.

Also, it says that the R******s want to move out of FedEx Field.  That’s a pretty new stadium, and all of a sudden they’re unhappy with it?  I know two big raps against it is that it doesn’t hold noise like RFK did, and that it’s in Bell Curve County, Maryland, so going there means having to go through a safari of diverse yoots.




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