One Percenters

20 05 2016



Former Governor Talks Trump: Deporting People Is The Same As Murdering Jews

Donald Trump’s immigration plan is no different from that night Nazi Germany gave paramilitary groups the nod to viciously crush the Jewish population in 1938, according to Former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld.

Weld said Thursday that Trump’s plan reminded him of Kristallnacht, the infamous “night of broken windows” that served as a preamble to worse things for Europe’s Jewish population.

The interview with The New York Times was Weld’s first since agreeing to run as Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson’s vice president in 2016.

That’s the Libertarian Party we know and love:  Getting to one percent, then staying there.

Besides, the Trump’s a Nazi caucus already has their candidate, in whoever wins the Democrat nomination.

(Shhh, hide this from the kids.)





2 responses

21 05 2016

Best counter to this nonsense: Eisenhower deported millions, was Ike a Nazi, Billy Boy? Ike knew a bit about Nazis, didn’t he? A little more than you, huh Billy boy?

When you oppose open borders your’e not accused of being an economic saboteur, you’re accused of being a racist or a Nazi. That highlights the reality that open borders isn’t really driven by economics or even politics, it’s driven by a racist hatred of white people. Certainly Billy would never accuse Israel of being racists for deporting Africans or Muslims, or for having a fence. That sort of criticism is reserved-for-whites-only Jim Snow racism. Billy should crack a history book: The Nazis were the one who sponsored racist invasions, not the ones who opposed them.

22 05 2016

Remember, because Robert Welch sorta insinuated that Ike was weak on communism and in cahootz with Khrushchev, those were the supposed grounds that Bill Buckley used to purge him and the JBS out of official conservatism. Though in reality, that didn’t have anything to do with it; it’s just that foreign policy neutralitarianism offended the Jews, because Jews thought it was some sort of secret dog whistle affront to Jews.

So now we’re coming full circle, almost.

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