Weave University

20 05 2016


The Indy Fox affiliate does a feature on weaves, their growing popularity, which includes a dark side.

I don’t like the “but white women do it to” inferences.  If white women wore weave to any extent, to any significant percentage relative to black women, then we’d see beauty supply stores in white areas, the snail mail junk circulars that go to white areas would include slick pages for beauty supply stores, and there would be professional weave installers in white areas, and that is simply not the case.  Now that I know what a weave is, I can say that I’ve never personally seen a white woman with one.

Though I do know of one white woman do does by her own admission wear weave:

Rachel Dolezal.

Which should tell you everything.

Now, for the truth:




3 responses

20 05 2016

white women wear weave, its called fusion extensions. its expensive as fuck. there’s one or two salons that do it in clayton and near plaza frontena, oddly enough called the white house salon.

20 05 2016

That isn’t truly weave.

20 05 2016

outstanding vid telling it like it is….gotta check out Mr S’s web TV chanel

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