Pithy, One Must Admit

21 05 2016





4 responses

21 05 2016

how many ways can we dance around the fact that there are two fundamental groups of Americans, and they don’t necessarily regard each other as fellow countrymen.

21 05 2016
Alex the Goon

Would that there were only two.

21 05 2016

For simplicities sake I’m ignoring everything outside of the intra-white civil war here, and the economic migrants are of course not Americans.

22 05 2016

I love the Jambalaya at Whole Foods. I buy the pastry, the Sushi, etc. etc.

I love Trump. I am a red blooded son of the Occidental American Empire and believe in all things American, especially American Exceptionalism. I am a friend to violence and know that it is all that Fascists on the Left understand.

Look at me the wrong way in Whole Foods and I will knock you azz into the over prices Produce Section.


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