Teacher, Pick Me

21 05 2016


As if.


Cuban responded, “Absolutely. But the key would be that she’d have to go more to center.”

“I like the fact that Senator Clinton has thought-out proposals. That’s a good thing because at least we get to see exactly where she stands,” Cuban said, adding that Bernie Sanders “has dragged her a little bit too far to the left. Things like college tuition and, you know, other business elements that really, I think, could hurt the economy. If she’s willing to listen, if she’s willing to, you know, hear other sides of things, then I’m wide open to discussing it.”

Backwards. If anyone is dragging anyone in an undesirable direction, it’s Hillary and all her social justice SJWtard coalition of the fringes identity politics crap knocking Bern off his economic populism game. Of course, I’m cynical enough to think that SJWtard rhetoric is nothing more than LOOK SQUIRREL.


And where are these basketball analogies coming from all of a sudden?




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