Defining Alt-Right

22 05 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

All these pundits tripping all over themselves trying to figure out the Alt-Right amuse me, especially since it is so easy to define the Alt-Right.

One is Alt-Right if one’s rightist politics are chiefly motivated by some form of anti-egalitarianism, AND one is at least less than comfortable with identifying one’s self with the incumbent categories of rightist politics.

Meaning it’s an umbrella term that covers a lot of people, groups and ways of thinking; the umbrella is big enough such that not everyone underneath it agree with each other on everything.  For instance, RooshV is Alt-Right, (gender and sex issues), Jared Taylor is Alt-Right, (race issues), under this definition, but this has not precluded the former from taking swipes at the latter. Also meaning that one should avoid the temptation to analyze the Alt-Right in terms of one of its constituent parts; don’t make any one a bigger deal within the Alt-Right than it is. As an example, #NRx is not a perfect drop-in synonym for Alt-Right, because while all #NRx is Alt-Right, not all Alt-Righters are #NRx, as not all Alt-Righters have totally given up on democratic republicanism. That’s an inward admonition as much as it is an outward; if you’re part of one of the Alt-Right’s many constituent parts, don’t think the Alt-Right is all about you and that anyone who is not part of your niche ideology isn’t Alt-Right.

Another interesting question is how to classify people and groups that may have the veneer of Alt-Rightness for outward consumption. For instance, here’s this WaPo weekend feature that Drudge has been splashing all weekend. Are these people Alt-Right? I don’t know how anti-egalitarian they are, if they are, and there’s no guarantee that they are, as cuckservatism is a big problem with that universe, but the reason I would not classify them as Alt-Right is because even if they are, their politics are not chiefly motivated by whatever form of anti-egalitarianism they might be sympathetic toward.




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22 05 2016
Hard Right

I’ve always thought of the Alt Right as being the equivalent of the Derb’s “Dissident Right.” In other words, it’s everyone on the Right who’s sick of the Stupid Party and Conservatism, Inc. It’s everybody on the Right who’s not a complete cuck.

In my view, if you include anti-egalitarianism, you cannot include White Nationalists in the Alt Right. They are most definitely egalitarian, even if it is only for Whites.

22 05 2016

WNs and egalitarian, two concepts that I have never placed in the same box.

22 05 2016
Hard Right

Are you sure you’re a neoreactionary?

23 05 2016
Hard Right

If you want an easy way to tell who is definitely not in the Alt-Right, start by identifying anyone who takes this “true conservative” gibberish at face value.

23 05 2016
Hard Right
28 05 2016

When I floated this on OD, someone responded to me stating that he doesn’t like it because it’s not explicitly racial.

I have to clear something up before everyone gets confoozled. Don’t be all Rossington-Collins Band-like up in here and misunderstand me.

My proposed def of alt-right isn’t me wishing with my heart, it’s me observing and thinking and concluding with my brain. IOW, I didn’t include any racialist-exclusive implications in my def NOT because I want it that way, but because that is the way the alt-right is currently constituted and presenting itself. If a movement can comfortably fit Anglin, Moldbug, Roosh and Jared Taylor into it, as the alt-right does, then you have to conclude that explicit white racialism or explicit anti-Semitism isn’t a distinguishing characteristic and neither one is a sine qua non entry barrier.

The fact that there’s no race-based entry barrier into the alt-right is the source of a lot of contention, and is why a lot of people who are alt-right, to the extent that they fit the definition of it, don’t like the term at all. And that’s not even counting those of us who are strongly if not extremely opposed to, and paranoid about the J tribe. That crowd doesn’t like the term alt-right all precisely because the net is cast too wide, or if they like it, they think that it should only apply exclusively to them.

As for me, I do think the lack of a race based blocking bug is a problem.

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