Friday Afternoon

23 05 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

Expect some big news to drop some time after 3 PM on Friday.

It tends to happen on a Friday afternoon before a three day weekend.




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23 05 2016

St. Louis question for you, I used to go to school with this guy, is there such a thing as “old school St. Louis mafia”?–33839c36-0e82-36d0-e053-0100007fcafc-380556161.html

23 05 2016

Not anymore. The St. Louis mob scene blew into smithereens when Anthony Giordano kicked off in 1980, and with him gone, the leftovers started shooting each other, and this went on for about two years. Those that did and weren’t killed were sent to prison either for those offenses or others. Today, the descendants of the next generation are just piddling around in penny annie nickel and dime shit.

24 05 2016

Thanks for the answer, I figured he was just making up gibberish for the judge.

24 05 2016
Lamplighter of California

Do you expect this forthcoming “big news” to be of primary interest to people in the St. Louis area,or will it be national in scope? Will it have anything to do with the presidential campaign? Donald Trump naming his VP selection? Former CA Gov. Wilson FINALLY endorsing Trump?

24 05 2016

Probably national, because it’s generally what it is. My bet is that it’ll have something to with some long festering Obama scandal, or maybe the Clinton investigation.

I think Trump is going to turn at least the revelation of his running mate into an Apprentice-style finale dog and pony show at the convention. He’ll probably have both a final short list and the actual choice in mind, but then do something like a half hour to an hour quasi reality show finale to show at the convention.

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