Needs One More Button

23 05 2016


SLPD’s new app.

The developer’s website.

The app appears to be less than ideal because it is lacking one critical piece of functionality:

A “Name the Ook” icon.

You know it won’t and will never have that, but it probably does or eventually will have an icon that one presses when one is a victim of (“black”) crime in the city, just in case the perpetrator is a yoot; when the victim taps it, an AFFH application will automatically be sent to the suspect’s mama’s sail foam.  Yes, I’m halfway kidding, but I’m also halfway not; I can easily see data that this app collects being cross-referenced with HUD in some computer to yield ideal AFFH clients, and then some social worker will pay a visit to Mama Weavie with the AFFH paper application in hand.




8 responses

23 05 2016
Hard Right

Just saw that on Black Twitter. They’re going to regret putting that up.

(Both your links are to the manufacturing site)

23 05 2016
23 05 2016
Hard Right

23 05 2016

Deray be like:

Stop virtual snitching

Sail foam snitches get ditches

23 05 2016

Needs a TNB button.

23 05 2016
Hard Right

Glad I just set my coffee down. You almost cost me a new laptop :)

25 05 2016
Area Man

It needs a “Report a chimpout in progress” button.

5 06 2016
Sunday Wrap-Up | Countenance Blog

[…] Anyone could have seen this coming:  The app has resulted in the first arrest.  And naturally, SJW/BLM are bitching.  Let me assure them with […]

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