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23 05 2016


Vic was from O’Fallon, and was hanging around the Downtown loft and party district, which suggests white, but she was also 21 years old, with a nine month old child, and had the child with her, that late at night, which suggests black, and AFFH.

The suspects?  A lot less ambiguous.




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23 05 2016
john jones


23 05 2016
Hard Right

Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing

Moving ghetto slugs to suburbs, exurbs, and rural areas so that the residents can experience the joys of diversity.

Affirmative Action for Real Estate. The Magic Dirt will make them just as smart and successful as Whites.

23 05 2016
Alex the Goon

Africa’s For Feral Hominids

23 05 2016

“affirmatively furthering fair housing”.

23 05 2016

SLPD vid:

23 05 2016

The news story just added vic pic.

26 05 2016


One of the two suspects is from Belleville, the vic is from O’Fallon, the Missouri one. Trying to wrap my mind about how this all came together.

26 05 2016
26 05 2016

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