He Stole It a Little Bit At a Time

24 05 2016

Tower Grove East

WRPT in full effect.


…I realized that a smart crook would’ve just covered the distinctive yellow-to-orange paint job with a $5 can of black spray paint. That’s all it would’ve taken to finish the job. I called A&M Bicycle about how to order the same ride.

Instead, the thief kept riding my bike, in all its obnoxious glory…

Must avoid the temptation to engage in racial profiling, must avoid the temptation to engage in racial profiling, because the right side of history, it’s the current year…




5 responses

24 05 2016
john jones

WRPT? Sorry im new around here

24 05 2016

Wicked Racial Profiling Trick. If the media don’t state the obvious, then you have to use context clues. Sometimes, all the clues you need are in the headline. Though as you can see, sometimes it fails.



24 05 2016
24 05 2016
Hard Right

You mean it’s not a radio station in Cincinnati?

24 05 2016

Nor is it a river in Egypt.

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