Non Attorney Network

24 05 2016


Rush, today:

“The following is a statement from Ebonie Riley, Washington DC Bureau Chief of the National Action Network: ‘We are disappointed in the decision of the court but unfortunately not surprised. As we have seen throughout the years, when officers opt for a trial by judge rather than by a jury, acquittal is the result.  We have been through this with Sean Bell and far too many other cases in the past. This is exactly the reason we are calling for lowering the bar for federal prosecution, and greater involvement of the federal government in cases like this. In federal court, a jury trial cannot be waived without the consent of the prosecution — and we believe that is a fairer, more just process. We continue to stand with the Gray family,” blah, blah, blah.

However, what she doesn’t realize about Federal court cases is that their jury pools draw from more than just the immediate jurisdiction of the location of the Federal court house.  A Federal criminal trial in Baltimore, because there is only one Federal trial level circuit for the whole state of Maryland, draws its prospective jury pool from the whole state.  It means that a Federal jury at the Federal court house in Baltimore would not be as black as a state criminal trial in Baltimore, whose jury pool can only come from the “county” of Baltimore City.  Sure, the advantage, in the mind of Ebonie Riley, would come from the fact that the U.S. Attorneys would not sign off on a bench trial, but the disadvantage is that there would be white people from the Eastern Shore and the Appalachian panhandle on the jury.




7 responses

24 05 2016
Alex the Goon

Don’t know if it’s been mentioned here, but one factor taking the wind out of the sails of A.S.S. (African Slave Ship) Riot — the acquitting judge is black.

24 05 2016

That’s not preventing BLM et al from blaming white people, white supremacy, white privilege.

25 05 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Let’s just face it. Niggers don’t belong here. Hell, they don’t belong anywhere anymore. If White people will just admit that, we can cut off all the freebies and these Stone Age Fossils can go to where they belong, a museum of extinct and failed species.

25 05 2016
Alex the Goon

They’d make a nice free-range exhibit on a Serengeti wildlife refuge. The tour buses would have to be spear-proof, for spectator safety.

25 05 2016
Stan d Mute

Surprised at you my friend, you let one slip past here. Having the crackas from the sticks on a Fed jury would be *the* feature and not a bug inherent in such a move.

I have every confidence you’ll see it now so I won’t say more and instead leave it for you…

25 05 2016

Say no further, I grok.

“Why are you rioting, Mr. Dindu of Baltimore?”

“That all white jury of mountain crackas said not guilty”

31 05 2016
Stan d Mute

Exactly. And also with AFFH? Hard to blame “racism” for negro performance when the negroes never even see any honkies in their insular ghettoes and “schools.” But take that same population and stuff them into majority white neighborhoods/schools and voilà! Presto chango every evidence of TNB suddenly becomes “proof of white racism.”

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