Watering Hole, Episode 1 (Watch Your Mouth, Because It’s the Current Year)

25 05 2016

01[19:00] <@countenance> THE CHAT STARTS….NOW
01[19:00] <@countenance> Welcome to Edition 1 of Countenance Blog Watering Hole
01[19:00] <@countenance> We’re either at the start of something great or wasting our time
[19:08] <HardRight> Hello, countenance.  It’s good to be here!
01[19:08] <@countenance> Just waiting on everyone else.
[19:09] <HardRight> Maybe you should have offered them free beer?
01[19:10] <@countenance> Free coffee maybe
[19:10] <HardRight> but no free donuts.  we don’t want heidi showing up.
01[19:11] <@countenance> Big news out of the salt mines today is MNEA is saying no to the cig tax ballot measure for Pre-K funding, they’re worried that some of the money will go to non public schools
01[19:11] <@countenance> It’s one of the rare times in recorded history where the NEA opposes a tax increase
[19:11] <HardRight> amazing
[19:12] <HardRight> speaking of coffee, i need to go make a pot
[19:12] <HardRight> brb
[19:12] <HardRight> heh
01[19:12] <@countenance> Ja’Mare did something bad:  http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/crime-and-courts/teen-boy-charged-as-an-adult-in-fatal-shooting-of/article_c32dde3a-aba4-571b-8caf-60800e281a06.html
01[19:13] <@countenance> World War T counteroffensive:  http://www.stltoday.com/news/local/education/states-sue-over-obama-s-school-transgender-directive/article_d57d9d74-ed63-5349-9615-7b6400314afe.html
[19:16] <HardRight> Ja’Mare shot Jamyha
[19:17] <HardRight> near Martin Luther King Drive
01[19:17] <@countenance> Jamyha was being raised by her grandparents because her parents are in the clink
01[19:17] <@countenance> WRPT too easy
[19:18] <HardRight> check out the reporterette.  what’s she doing with a White name?
01[19:20] <@countenance> They must have missed it at P-D HR
[19:21] <HardRight> maybe she has a photo on her resume
[19:21] <HardRight> so, missouri isn’t suing over mentally ill boys in the girls’ room?
01[19:22] <@countenance> Attorney General Chris Koster, should say it all
01[19:23] <@countenance> That punted on MO’s marriage definition const amendment even before Obgerfell made it moot
[19:24] <HardRight> and that cuck’s the next gov?
03[19:26] * Lewis33 (63bc21f9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.*****) has joined #countenanceblog
01[19:26] <@countenance> Yeah, b/c not a one of the Republicans have sense enough to think outside the box on RTW
01[19:27] <@countenance> Our work has been validated, we have a third person.
[19:27] <Lewis33> You’re longtime Indy fan here…
[19:27] <Lewis33> your
01[19:28] <@countenance> Koster was a Republican until 2006, and his father was the late Rich Koster, who was the program director at KSDK for a long time, he unilaterally put Rush Limbaugh’s TV show on KSDK in a good time slot
01[19:28] <@countenance> Okay, I’ll redo the gym story
01[19:28] <@countenance> http://www.techinsider.io/power-plant-fitness-marijuana-gym-2016-5
01[19:29] <@countenance> Stoners doing deadlifts, should work out real dandy.
[19:29] <Lewis33> Do you guys have efforts in St. Louis for this free preK rubbish?
01[19:30] <@countenance> Spotty, the city public schools have it somewhat
01[19:30] <@countenance> This notion, is too clever by half:  http://www.vdare.com/articles/ann-coulter-will-obama-try-to-backstab-hillary-to-save-his-legacy
[19:31] <Lewis33> The Debbie Wasserman tweet today was hillarious!
[19:31] <Lewis33> Did you guys see that?
01[19:31] <@countenance> Which moronic one?
[19:32] <HardRight> what’s the url?
[19:32] <HardRight> heh heh
[19:32] <HardRight> yeah, there’s only several hundred moronic tweets from her
01[19:32] <@countenance> @dwstweets
[19:33] <Lewis33> Ann said, Ann Coulter Verified account  ‏@AnnCoulter  · 6h6 hours ago  Ann Coulter Verified account  ‏@AnnCoulter  · 6h6 hours ago
01[19:33] <@countenance> More like @dwstwit
[19:33] <Lewis33> I am sick and tired of everyone treating Debbie Wasserman Schultz like a brainless twit simply because she’s gorgeous. -Ann Coulter
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[19:34] <HardRight> hahaha
[19:35] <Lewis33> anti semitic charges will be dropping soon!
02[19:36] * Guest86367 (45b46175@gateway/web/freenode/ip.*****) Quit (Client Quit)
01[19:36] <@countenance> Uh oh, what happened to Stan
[19:37] <HardRight> he might have been using a registered nick?
01[19:37] <@countenance> Oh it was one of Ann’s tweets about DWS
[19:37] <Lewis33> yes
[19:37] <HardRight> most networks switch you to some form of Guest when you try to use somebody else’s nick
01[19:38] <@countenance> https://twitter.com/AnnCoulter/status/735541272023207936
[19:38] <HardRight> but that’s just a guess
[19:39] <Lewis33> So what are the top 5 blogs/sites you guys hit religously everyday? Would like to see if I’m missing anything good.
[19:40] <HardRight> i’m sure you already go to the four i go to most
[19:40] <HardRight> drudge, vdare, amren, and countenance
01[19:41] <@countenance> I go through a lot every day
[19:41] <HardRight> i mostly get links from twitter.  faster than drudge
[19:43] <Lewis33> Vdare yes, Amren is great and was one of the first sites I loved…the stories are too much of a downer to visit every day now…
01[19:44] <@countenance> AR, Angry White Dudge, Breitbart, Don Surber, Education Realist, Earl of Taint, Gateway Pundit, HBD Chick, Instapundit, James Edwards, JAY, LoS, John Lott, Nicholas Stix, Norm Matloff, OD, Onion, PJB, Radix, Saboteur365, SBPDL, Second City Cop, Shorpy, Sipsey, Slashdot, Steve Sailer, True News USA, Twitchy, V-Dare, Vox Day
01[19:44] <@countenance> The local news channel sites
01[19:45] <@countenance> Daily Caller, Drudge, Mickey Kaus, P-D, Daily Mail
01[19:45] <@countenance> Daily Kenn
01[19:45] <@countenance> And a slew of others
[19:45] <Lewis33> I see a few I’m not familiar with…
01[19:46] <@countenance> I’ll do 538 on many days, Vox every once in awhile, and some of the 1488ers from time to time
[19:46] <Lewis33> Yeah I’ll check in on the stormers once in awhile as well…
03[19:48] * Old (46d205a9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.*****) has joined #countenanceblog
[19:49] <Lewis33> I’Ve found the local news on twitter to be some very sensitive ladies (im guessing) I’ve been blocked on all but 2 on twitter, and not for saying the obvious bad words. They just can’t take any sort of critisism, even if it is constructive.
02[19:49] * Old (46d205a9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.*****) Quit (Client Quit)
01[19:49] <@countenance> I’m really fond of MPC, because they really like me and send a lot of traffic my way
[19:49] <Lewis33> Missing spellcheck
[19:50] <Lewis33> I’ve got to get to MPC, I usually only go when I follow a link from twitter. Is it mainly message boards, I’m really unfamiliar with it.
01[19:51] <@countenance> Think Stormfront with some of the edge taken off and a lot more snark
[19:51] <Lewis33> Is it Ricky Vaughn’s playpen?
01[19:51] <@countenance> Tommy Sotomayor roasts BLM’s shoutdown of Milo:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sum83jX1pY0
[19:51] <HardRight> he used to post there
[19:52] <HardRight> don’t know much more about it than you do.  there’s been a netwar between nrx and mpc for the last couple of years
01[19:53] <@countenance> Captain Godwin:  http://www.breitbart.com/big-hollywood/2016/05/25/marvel-comics-captain-america-equates-criticism-syrian-refugee-problem-nazism/
01[19:53] <@countenance> Really our kind of people shouldn’t be fucking with each other like that; those that agree on fundamentals should agree to keep differences muted.
[19:54] <HardRight> not gonna happen.  we’re not monolithic like the left
[19:54] <Lewis33> https://t.co/DZvCd5BoEH
01[19:54] <@countenance> I’m hoping the popularization of the term “alt right” sorta pours cold water over our propensity to beef within ourselves.
[19:54] <HardRight> i guess you didn’t see the net nutzis wanting to “purge” ppl back in jan?
[19:55] <Lewis33> Amen, people fighting with Ramzpaul or Roosh for this or that reason are counterproductive
01[19:55] <@countenance> It’s like ook here is so implusive that he can’t help himself though it lands him right back in the place where he just got out of
01[19:55] <@countenance> I know Roosh despises Jared Taylor, for an obvious reason.  But I’m not going to grind over it.
[19:56] <Lewis33> Didn’t even make it out.
[19:56] <HardRight> i was shocked that they went after ramz
01[19:56] <@countenance> Ppl on AR bitched about JT inviting someone with a potty mouth like RamZPaul to AR, but RZP tones himself down at AR, well, because it’s AR.
[19:56] <HardRight> just for defending roosh
[19:57] <Lewis33> I’m def for a big tent alt right, i’d even welcome the stormers.
01[19:57] <@countenance> Our people have to lay off the purity policing
[19:57] <Lewis33> Yes.
01[19:57] <@countenance> Remember my definition of alt-right
[19:57] <HardRight> that’s what it was about
01[19:57] <@countenance> I’d easily include the 1488ers, but they have to tone down the demands for purity
[19:58] <HardRight> not gonna happen.  they wanna purge anybody who doesn’t wanna gas the jewz
01[19:59] <@countenance> It’s what can be frustrating about AR at times, some of the most knowledgable and insightful commenters are also the most anal-retentive about their hobby horses and demanding rectitude to them.
[19:59] <Lewis33> Yeah, that gets old
01[19:59] <@countenance> HR:  And that’s the blocking bug for utlimately letting the 1488ers into the big tent.
[19:59] <Lewis33> I know, I used to be one of them (hobby horser over at amren) but i’ve grown out of it. Mostly.
01[20:00] <@countenance> Lewis what name did you post under at AR?
[20:00] <HardRight> thing is, they honestly believe that THEY are the alt right, and we’re intruding on THEIR space
[20:00] <Lewis33> Same, Lewis33
01[20:00] <@countenance> I’ve been reading AR for a long time, and I never remember you being obnoxious
[20:00] <Lewis33> I used to be there every day
01[20:00] <@countenance> Here’s what I’m talking about:
[20:01] <Lewis33> I was big on naming the j for awhile.
01[20:01] <@countenance> There’s a regular there who lives in the Pacific Northwest, an old guy, claims to be a retired doctor, has posted under several screen names
01[20:01] <@countenance> He’s very very very well read
[20:01] <HardRight> it wasn’t helpful when pangur went after JAY on your blog….
01[20:01] <@countenance> But his big fucking hobby horse is anti-Christiality
01[20:01] <@countenance> anti-Christianity
[20:02] <Lewis33> Yeah
01[20:02] <@countenance> JAY knows the time of day about this space, and according to him, Pangur didn’t bother him.  Hell, some of the Schlomo Shekelstein meme crowd posts at JAY’s blog!
01[20:02] <@countenance> Do you know who I’m talking about, Lewis?
[20:03] <Lewis33> I quit going to amren regulary, I used to comment every day around 6 when they came out. So no, I’m unfamiliar.
[20:03] <HardRight> does he live at weird harold’s compoun?  :)
01[20:03] <@countenance> Okay, does the screen name Whiteplight mean anything to you?
01[20:04] <@countenance> LOL naw, he hates people like that.
[20:04] <Lewis33> Maybe, I remember several of the northwest guys
01[20:04] <@countenance> These days, he’s posting on AR as “The Dude”
01[20:05] <@countenance> BRB
[20:05] <Lewis33> I remember being quite pleased with myself over at amren when my comments got more upvotes than countenanceblog.
[20:05] <Lewis33> Which wasn’t very often
[20:06] <HardRight> why the hell did they go to disqus?  i can’t even see the comments now.  i’ved got disqus blocked
01[20:08] <@countenance> Of course your comments got more likes than those of countenanceblog
01[20:08] <@countenance> I’ve always posted on AR as Question Diversity :)
[20:09] <Lewis33> yours are always well liked, i know who you were over there
01[20:09] <@countenance> From what I can guess, JT wanted some sort of turnkey universal CMS
[20:09] <Lewis33> I like disqus except when they eliminated the downvote
01[20:09] <@countenance> There are a handful of others at AR who need to lay off the purity policing and tinfoilism
01[20:10] <@countenance> Disqus still has the downvote but neither the number of downvotes nor the IDs of downvoters are visible, unless your browser has an extension
[20:10] <Lewis33> I wish others would use disqus (cough, cough…might get more comments)
[20:10] <HardRight> i don’t like being tracked
01[20:10] <@countenance> I know, but unless I pay premium with WordPress I couldn’t do it, and I really don’t want to anyway even if I could
[20:11] <Lewis33> The tracking is good for calling out leftist trolls, I don’t blame you, I wouldn’t pay either. Suggestion withdrawn.
[20:11] <HardRight> i’ll bet the pay version isn’t any better than the free version
[20:11] <HardRight> still, it would be nice to be able to edit typos
01[20:12] <@countenance> Pay version doesn’t do much more than the free, and nothing important for my sake
[20:12] <HardRight> figures
01[20:12] <@countenance> http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/05/25/5-million-d-c-mansion-obamas-will-live-leaving-white-house/
[20:12] <Lewis33> Did I hear correctly that the awful Dana L. lost her St. Louis station?
01[20:13] <@countenance> In spite of that, I still think that Obama is only going to live there to wait out the younger daughter to graduate from Sidwell Enemies.  Contra Rush, I don’t think he’s staying there for the short time he will to pseudo-defend his “legacy.”
01[20:13] <@countenance> NO didn’t, but if she’s getting bounced out of KFTK, she would also be bounced off the Indy Emmis talk FM station
[20:14] <Lewis33> I’d guess there is more reason than the daughters, but I don’t know what it is.
01[20:14] <@countenance> I don’t see why at this point she would be on one or the other but not both.
[20:14] <HardRight> bet there aren’t any apartment farms in that neighborhood
01[20:14] <@countenance> As you can see, Obama will be renting it from former Clinton era Press Sexreteary Joe Lockjaw
01[20:15] <@countenance> http://www.mrctv.org/blog/fbi-illegal-alien-gang-members-murdered-victims-30-minutes-us-immigration-headquarters
01[20:15] <@countenance> Not enough irony in this story, because ICE doesn’t enforce immigration law anymore
[20:15] <Lewis33> That last caller today on Rush was so awful…going to write in Cruz because Trump is a meanie…
[20:15] <HardRight> how could that dimwit afford a $5 million house?
01[20:15] <@countenance> He’s renting not buying
01[20:16] <@countenance> Lockjaw is probably giving him a very favorable lease
[20:16] <HardRight> i meant lockjaw
01[20:16] <@countenance> probalby some of that Klintoon Foundation glaze spilling on his head
[20:16] <Lewis33> ICE is loaning Indy 2 helicopters for the 500, they aren’t using them anywhere else.
[20:16] <HardRight> obongo will be giving half million dollar speeches soon
[20:17] <HardRight> lol
01[20:17] <@countenance> Half million?  It’s gonna take at least a million a pop to get his lazy ass off the golf course.
01[20:17] <@countenance> I predict if Trump wins, Obama will be on a golf course at 12 noon on January 20, he’ll have left DC and won’t attend the inaug or the handoff formalities
[20:18] <Lewis33> I’m no tinfoiler, but would it really surprise anyone if O joined a mosque after he’s out of office?
01[20:18] <@countenance> Hell no, though Obama doesn’t strike me as seriously religious about anything
[20:18] <HardRight> he probably would if he could, but he’ll need that speech money
01[20:18] <@countenance> He’s basically secular but sympathizes with not quite jihady Islam and leftist/black Christianity
01[20:19] <@countenance> http://espn.go.com/nfl/story/_/id/15700080/buffalo-bills-gm-doug-whaley-calls-football-violent-game-personally-think-humans-supposed-play
01[20:19] <@countenance> And so?  Houses weren’t designed for plumbing and electricity, either, but we need ’em
[20:19] <HardRight> yeah, he’s too lazy to pray five times a day
[20:19] <Lewis33> ESPN sending a large team to Indy 500 this year, I’m guessing most articles will be about the lack of diversity.
01[20:20] <@countenance> Oh boy that means the dork in Orlando with a fax machine will get to put his $0.02 in
[20:20] <Lewis33> I’ve seen you mention that, who is it? Or do i need to care?
01[20:20] <@countenance> The Undefeated will probably run 2-5 articles about how the KKK did something in indy car racing in the 1930s that prevented blaxx from being IC drivers today
01[20:21] <@countenance> Richard Lapchick
01[20:21] <@countenance> He has some dinky foundation about diversity and ethics in sports at the Univ of Central FL, the media run to him every time there’s some diversity gap in sports story
[20:21] <Lewis33> lol
01[20:22] <@countenance> http://www.tampabay.com/news/courts/criminal/st-petersburg-teen-sentenced-to-prison-after-pleading-guilty-to-attempted/2278601
01[20:22] <@countenance> L’Genius Wisdom update, our little boy is growing up, and all ready to go to prison.
[20:23] <Lewis33> So this local small town online newspaper has been posting articles off my twitter feed, they’ve even posted some vdare, without really knowing what kind of site it is.
[20:23] <Lewis33> Just small town guys who like what they read.
[20:25] <Lewis33> I liked how Rush mentioned “black football players raping white coeds” when he talked about Ken Starr the other day.
[20:25] <HardRight> geeze that’s for real.  i thought you made it up
[20:25] <HardRight> sorta like Genius T. Coates
[20:26] <HardRight> rush actually said that????
01[20:26] <@countenance> My original post about L’Genius Wisdom:  https://countenance.wordpress.com/2013/08/18/the-nexus-of-genius-and-wisdom/
01[20:26] <@countenance> yeah I heard it
[20:26] <Lewis33> Yep. Denarick in that article is a close runner up.
[20:26] <HardRight> wow
01[20:26] <@countenance> Sailer calls him Genius T. Coates, I just call him Ta, with his black body.
01[20:28] <@countenance> Half the world still thinks we’re making Shitavious up
[20:29] <Lewis33> Last year we saw the murder %’s spike, I’m pretty sure crime will go up across the board this year, unless they do some crazy juking.
01[20:29] <@countenance> More material for The First 48
[20:30] <Lewis33> Well I’m on eastern time fellas, got to take care of some stuff. I’ll stay signed in if you’ll be around for awhile.
01[20:30] <@countenance> I’m gonna go for another half hour, got a few more things to tend to this evening before I konker off
[20:30] <Lewis33> k
[20:30] <HardRight> thanks for stopping by
[20:31] <Lewis33> Hope you do this again.
01[20:31] <@countenance> Okay do you have a time and day of week recommendation or preference?
[20:31] <Lewis33> anytime Hardright, i enjoy your comments over at cb
01[20:31] <@countenance> I certainly have my limitations, but maybe we can kinda find a sweet spot
[20:31] <HardRight> thanks
01[20:32] <@countenance> Lewis, just so you know, I’m going to post the log of our “official” chat (not counting our chatting before 7 PM) as a blog post.
01[20:32] <@countenance> After all, the world doesn’t need to know about all the pejoratives we used before 7
[20:33] <Lewis33> I’m good with most anytime. Thanks for the heads up.
[20:33] <HardRight> they were more about this crappy network than anything
01[20:33] <@countenance> I might try to shop for a new network, but so far, this is working
[20:34] <HardRight> i’d go for another one
[20:34] <Lewis33> I’m sure you guys have lives on the weekends, but i find myself bored sat. nights. All my rowdy friends have settled down.
01[20:34] <@countenance> I got time, prob won’t do another one until after Memorial Day
01[20:35] <@countenance> Yeah my Saturdays aren’t jumping like they used to, with the nightclub scene going south, just me getting older
[20:35] <HardRight> it’s pretty easy to set up.  i might start a channel for the weekend
[20:36] <HardRight> i’ve got a network in mind, but i don’t know if they have a web interface
01[20:36] <@countenance> You might start a channel?  That gives me an idea.  Do you want to be the impresario of the Watering Hole?
01[20:36] <@countenance> You could handle all the mickey mouse drudgery back end of the work, and be an op at the same time.
[20:37] <HardRight> maybe, but i really wanna try another network for reasons that we discussed earlier
01[20:37] <@countenance> That’s what I mean, you could do the shopping for a new net, set everything up, register the chan, make yourself the first op, just as long as you make me a perma-op
[20:38] <HardRight> yeah, i could probably do it all tomorrow if the net i have in mind has a web interface
01[20:38] <@countenance> Okay, I hand thee the Countenance Blog IRC Scepter
01[20:38] <@countenance> The Prime Minister of the Watering Hole
01[20:39] <@countenance> “Bill Clinton gets into 30 min debate w/24-yo Bern fan”
[20:39] <HardRight> gonna check now for a web interface
[20:40] <HardRight> female?
01[20:40] <@countenance> That Bern fan was born the year Clinton first won the Presidency, tempus fugit
01[20:40] <@countenance> https://www.buzzfeed.com/rubycramer/bill-clinton-ends-up-in-30-minute-debate-vs-a-24-year-old-be?utm_term=.ouZrkLa72#.bszz7yDWn
01[20:40] <@countenance> “Josh Brody,” so it’s a dude.  (Presumably, though these days, with World War T, you never can tell, or if you do, you’re transphobic)
[20:42] <HardRight> i don’t see a web interface for the net i had in mind
01[20:42] <@countenance> Seems like a lot of the good IRC nets that I liked back in the day have gone to internet heaven.
[20:44] <HardRight> yeah, i’m finding that out.  second one i had in mind seems kaput
01[20:45] <@countenance> Remember Usenet Newsgroups?
01[20:46] <@countenance> God listen to us, we’re already telling the internet equivalent of twenty miles one way through the snow to walk to school stories.  These young ens don’t know how good they have it with all their Web 2.0 and social media and chat interfaces that automatically convert their text emoticions to emojis.
[20:46] <HardRight> oh yeah.  free porn.  free warez.
01[20:46] <@countenance> And IRC Warezd00ds
[20:46] <HardRight> script kiddies
01[20:47] <@countenance> Real hardy internet men of the last generation used full plain text and loved it.
[20:47] <HardRight> this might take a bit longer than i thought
[20:47] <HardRight> you think you’re old?  remember gopher?
01[20:47] <@countenance> Don’t worry, you’ve got time, like I said, we won’t do another one of these until after the day I have to visit three graves at JB
[20:47] <HardRight> archie, jughead, and veronica?
01[20:47] <@countenance> I used gopher, and BBS
[20:48] <HardRight> i used to run a bbs
01[20:49] <@countenance> BBS, making full use of your 14.4 dialup modem.
[20:49] <HardRight> mine started with a 2400
[20:49] <HardRight> my first modem was a 1200
[20:50] <HardRight> those were the days
01[20:50] <@countenance> Yeah, but they’re all in the past now, all swept away for the sake of the current year.
[20:50] <HardRight> it was all middle-aged, middle class White guys
01[20:51] <@countenance> In a way, I’m glad I remember a time before it all
[20:51] <HardRight> with fairly high iq’s
[20:51] <HardRight> computers were expensive
[20:51] <HardRight> they didn’t come with modems
[20:51] <HardRight> you had to set up everything by hand
[20:52] <HardRight> kept the number of morons down
01[20:52] <@countenance> Thankfully, morons and bellcurvers don’t seem to care about IRC anymore
[20:52] <HardRight> mostly just warez pups
[20:53] <HardRight> and jihadis, strangely enough
01[20:53] <@countenance> What we miss is the novelty and uncertainty of it all.  We knew we were doing something special and world-changing, but we just didn’t know all the other vars.
[20:53] <HardRight> i’m tempted to set up a racist chan on a jihadi net  :)
01[20:54] <@countenance> Hell
01[20:54] <@countenance> I remember the night of September 10, 2001
[20:54] <HardRight> j/k
01[20:54] <@countenance> I was on this very medium using this very application
01[20:54] <@countenance> chatting with people about the hot issue of the day, Gary Condit.
[20:55] <HardRight> i’m sure i was on irc that night.  probably drunk off my ass, trying o scam babes
[20:56] <HardRight> guess i’d better try to find a new server lis
[20:56] <HardRight> or update mirc
[20:56] <HardRight> zonealarm keeps blocking it for some reason
[20:56] <HardRight> thinks it’s a trojan or something
01[20:57] <@countenance> Okay well getting close to 9, better officially cut this off now.
[20:57] <HardRight> k




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25 05 2016
The Gentle Grizzly

Re Disqus: Please don’t. They bog things down with links and pictures to other articles, and the links get first priority. Sometimes the comments won’t load, and you’ll get more trolls than Trolhattan has.

Just one bear’s opinion.

25 05 2016

I can’t anyway, because I would need to update to a premium paid version of WordPress just to have the option. Even if I had the option, I wouldn’t. As far as comments go, we’re fine as it is. If it ain’t Baroque…

26 05 2016
26 05 2016

Pepe can turn all their ugly SJW princesses back into frogs…though wouldn’t that be redundant?

26 05 2016
Hard Right

Is that what happened to Trigglypuff?

26 05 2016
Hard Right

26 05 2016
Hard Right


Why? Because four years after Limbaugh called Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” on air, spurring a major boycott movement, reams of advertisers still won’t touch him.

26 05 2016

That’s largely a function of the barnacle class of the radio industry trying to retcon and in turn shape reality around its own assumptions.

26 05 2016
Hard Right

A lot of it is about Talk Radio in general which does seem to have a few problems, but mostly Rush is good for page hits.

26 05 2016

More than just a few problems. Get down past a few interesting hosts, and all you get are talentless neos.

26 05 2016
Hard Right


“No enemies on the Right” is a tempting phrase, but really it means: no quality control.

26 05 2016

The alt-right can’t “absorb” #NRx because #NRx is already a component of the alt-right.

26 05 2016
Hard Right

Many Neoreactionaries violently disagree with that. They want nothing to do with the larger Alt Right.

26 05 2016

We may have to wait on a generally accepted definition of alt-right before we can start concluding anything like this. If my proposed definition is accepted, then #NRx is definitely alt-right.

26 05 2016
Hard Right

They’ll never agree with your definition and certainly not with mine which is even broader.

Alt Righters are “demotists” in their eyes.

26 05 2016
Hard Right

26 05 2016
26 05 2016
Hard Right

The Sharia Police will love this….


German teachers allowed pupils to get lap dances from stripper at graduation party – after they were told she was there to talk about equal rights

26 05 2016
Hard Right

26 05 2016
Hard Right

I was wondering about this. Why take a chance on screwing something up when you don’t have to?


Donald Trump v Bernie Sanders: confusion reigns over possible debate

Trump reiterates willingness to debate Sanders for charity to the tune of $10m, but an aide clarified that the former reality TV star was joking

26 05 2016

I think that this is Trump’s sop to Bernie to get enough of Bernie’s people to vote Trump in November.

26 05 2016
Hard Right

Trump didn’t do well in many of the debates. The Media, on both sides, is out to destroy him. He can’t go after Sanders the way he did Lubio or ¡Yeb! He risks alienating Bernie Bros just by opening his mouth.

I see no upside to this.

26 05 2016
Hard Right

26 05 2016
Hard Right

26 05 2016
Hard Right

26 05 2016
26 05 2016
Alex the Goon

My bet: over 95% of the name-callers are women.

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