West Bank, New Mexico

25 05 2016


Watching the vid, and I could be forgiven for mistaking it for video out of the West Bank.

Then again, in this space in the past, I have compared Palestinians to Mexicans, both groups have irredentist axes to grind against its geographical neighbors.





8 responses

25 05 2016
25 05 2016
Hard Right

25 05 2016
David In TN

If and when those pulling the strings realize it’s counter-productive, they’ll stop.

25 05 2016

They should have gotten that message on march 15th.

25 05 2016
25 05 2016
Hard Right

Has Bugs ever turned left at Albuquerque?

26 05 2016
Area Man

I think that put him in Scotland.

25 05 2016
Joshua Sinistar

See God has color coded intelligence for you. Whiter is brighter, and darker is dumber. Nothing says stupid like brown invaders asking for immigration papers by flying the Mexican flag. Viva El Gaupo Bush! Motel Six, we’ll leave the light off for you.

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