“Running Out of White Kids”

26 05 2016

Cleveland, Mississippi

The overall race demographics of the district are 66% black and 28% white.

The real purpose of the deseg court order is to force the district to arrange the demographics of each of its individual schools, and in the case of this district, it will come as a function of consolidating schools, such that they are as close as possible to the demographics of the entire district.  And the real purpose of that is to prevent any one school from being 100% or close to 100% black.  Plain words, keep enough white students in every school to prevent any one school from being all black and therefore an absolute dystopian hell.  It’s what deseg has always been about:  Using white students as buffers for black academic and social dysfunction.

It should be noted that before now, no one single school in the district was majority or plurality white.  It’s just that some schools were 40-ish percent white, others had virtually none.

The problem is, as we can see in Cleveland, Mississippi, and everywhere else, we’re running out of white kids, not just in the realm of public school attendance, which is an important distinction, because a big percentage of white school aged students in Mississippi aren’t in public schools, but also generally speaking.

Also, nobody has ever really asked why it is the duty of white parents to let their kids be nothing more than the academic equivalent of cutting agents.  Don’t be asking too many questions and trying to answer them, unless you want to be anti-Semitic.




6 responses

26 05 2016
Joshua Sinistar

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26 05 2016

The Atlantic ran a peice on Alabama desegregation. Came to the same conclusion you did, you need white kids for schools to function. Think it came out the same time as tanighisi coats’ reparation price.

26 05 2016
26 05 2016

That’s the one

27 05 2016
Area Man

Right now they have one barley functioning school and a black one. When they combine them in to one school it will be 66/33 b/w, in other words, black.
I suspect there will be a round of white flight and an increase in home and private schooling as well.

But none of that matters. Unintended yet complete foreseeable consequences don’t count. All that matters is feelz.

Reminds me of when 60 minutes went to visit the school that was at the center of Brown v. Board of Education. The formerly white school is now 100% black. Needless to say it is also terrible.

29 05 2016

as someone we grew up in Mississippi in the 50’s and 60’s I can tell you we didn’t have a problem in public schools until the fed. gov. started forced busing. Public schools, not just in Mississippi but all over the country, are ruined because of the fed. gov. If you look at EVERYTHING the fed. gov. touches it destroys. Everything obomo has put into place, ten years from now will be much worse than today. If you want to fix America get the fed. gov out of EVERYTHING except what the Constitution allows. Otherwise America will not survive.

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