Take It To The Bank

26 05 2016


Some women say:  “Donald Trump hates women”

What they mean, translated into English:  “We’re jealous that all three of his wives are good looking.”




4 responses

26 05 2016
Lamplighter of California

I understand that Trump’s previous two wives were nice-looking,but personal experience has taught that blondes are vastly overrated.The kinds of women I’ve mostly been attracted to are the long-legged,fair-skinned brunette types,like Elvira:

27 05 2016
Hard Right

Elvira’s getting a little old

But so is Ivana

26 05 2016
Alex the Goon

It wouldn’t be Mother’s Day if I didn’t have to call Mom, and it wouldn’t be a phone call to Mom if I didn’t hear some crazytalk. About Israel, Endtimes, the latest vitamin fad, or like this year: “If Trump wins, we’re guaranteed to have a First Lady who’s a bimbo.”
“Why? Because she makes herself look attractive for her husband, to boost his status?”
“Did you know she can speak five languages? How many bimbos can speak five languages?” (Didn’t ask How many can you speak. It was Mothers Day.)
Whatever. She has to vote for him now. First it was Carson, then a certain someone gave a speech in Iowa about how Uncle Ben wanted to hit his own mother with a hammer (a turnoff to many mothers). Then it was Cruz, but she dropped him when she found out some Missouri snake was running his campaign. (Guilt By Association, even for the AnoinTED one.)

26 05 2016

Roe wasn’t even that much of a snake.

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