Today Is Give-a-Shit Day

26 05 2016

City Hall


Downtown leadership calls for ‘regional outrage’ in wake of Washington Avenue murder

The leader of downtown’s booster group is calling on residents across the region to be outraged by the recent spate of violent crime in the area’s urban core.

Everyone in the metro area should be outraged about violent crime that happens in Downtown St. Louis?  I thought the official admonition was for us not to care, because it’s not our problem.  Though I know we go through an almost daily narrative change — One day, give a shit, the next day, don’t give a shit, etc. etc., lather rinse repeat, until you’re dizzy.  Oceania has always been allied with Eastasia in a war against Eurasia, Oceania has always been allied with Eurasia in a war against Eastasia, and don’t you forget it.

Next question:  At what precisely are we supposed to be outraged?  Are they giving us permission to notice and name the ook?  Or are we supposed to be outraged generically?  Lots and lots of outrage, to be followed by more outrage.  I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it until I take more of it tomorrow and get even more outraged.

Downtown STL Inc.’s president Missy Kelley met with Mayor Francis Slay’s chief of staff Thursday and says she’s been assured that police are going to bolster patrols and will battle all crimes, including ordinance violations like panhandling, noise and public urination.

Quiet, don’t tell BLM, @Deray and the GENTILIVUS GIANTIVUS crowd, or they’ll chip in and bring Ta to town so he can lecture us about racially profiling black bodies based on trivial ordinance violations.

“I am committed to making sure this is just the start,” Kelley said. “We have seen a similar response from the city in the past after a sensational crime or a series of criminal activity in a short period of time. It is not enough for us to be reactive then revert to the status quo.”

But what other choice is there?  Don’t think you can start telling the truth; Tony Messenger won’t let you.

Ponder said the officers will be pulled from special ops task forces.

Robbing N’Deshawntavious to pay Jamal.

Meanwhile, Kelley said it is time for St. Louis to “take back” its downtown.

With lots of OUTRAGE.

“The entire region should be outraged by this because what happens in the central business district, the economic engine and heart of the St. Louis region, affects us all. It affects our national reputation,” Kelley said.

She’s mad because she’s mad.

Our national reputation?  There’s hardly a big city central business district that isn’t in constant danger from (censored censored demographic OUTRAGE).  Them picking on us would be like throwing stones out of glass house.

“Downtown St. Louis is the region’s Downtown. We all own it. We all deserve to feel safe visiting the many assets that can only be found in the heart of our city.”

And while I’m tempted here to say that they’re all anxiously awaiting AFFH to start kicking in soon, realize that the vic in the most recent Downtown OUTRAGES, she turned out to be a young black woman, lives in O’Fallon, the one on this side of the river, not the other side, but one of the two suspects is from Belleville, which is definitely on the other side of the river.  This means that neither one of them lived in the city, yet both were there for some reason.  Best I can tell, Washington Avenue has a really bad problem of cruising ooks on weekend nights.  Point being, AFFH wouldn’t have mattered in that case; their games of sweep-the-dindus-under-someone-else’s-rug has its limits.

I should have turned “outrage” into a drinking game.




4 responses

26 05 2016

outraged at us, we’re literally killing them, somehow.

26 05 2016

” I thought the official admonition was for us not to care, because it’s not our problem.”

I thought it was: “Nothing to see here folks.”

26 05 2016

Second suspect shot to death in Washington park today. His mother will start talking dindu and why they have to do him that way. Irony think there will be any outrage because 1) he killed a black woman and 2) threw a baby into the street
This might be the only time white cops will be heroes for shooting a black body (I assume the cops are white, but could be wrong. Story doesn’t say anything about WP police being involved)

26 05 2016

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