Getting Squared Away

27 05 2016

Your Blogmeister’s Desk

New IRC network for future Watering Holes:  Rizon.  They have a web based client.  All you’ll need to do is pick a screen name (and hope it’s not already being used on the network) and join the channel #countenanceblog (include the hashtag).  If you have the current version of mIRC, you’ll have to add the Rizon network by hand.

I have no objections to any of you using the channel any time you want to chew the rag; however, I won’t call it an official Watering Hole episode unless I’m there after announcing it in advance here.  My mIRC client logs chats, and web-based IRC clients do not, so I want to do the Watering Hole on mIRC so I can go back and get the log to post it here afterward.




It's your dime, spill it. And also...NO TROLLS ALLOWED~!

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