And the Moral Of This Story Is…?

29 05 2016

San Francisco

Steyer denounces Trump for being a traitor to the billionaire class.





6 responses

30 05 2016
John Jones

SWPL extraordinaire

30 05 2016

Steyer, another Beta-Male sweetie in search of a “Safe Place” for Illegals.
Illegal Immigration = Slow motion voter fraud.

30 05 2016

look how he is a head taller than all of them. surely he could have spent a little more to present an image that was a little more balanced than that.

30 05 2016

The “categories” listing at the very bottom of the Wikipedia section on him tells you all you need to know about him. The things we are not supposed to notice.

30 05 2016

I even read something into the fact that he played college soccer at Yale.

30 05 2016

Let me pay this off before I forget.

The moral of this story is that social justice warriorism is almost always a front for plutocratic or corporate or statist greed.

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