As Sure as Death, Taxes, and Political Cooption

29 05 2016

San Francisco

Cry me a river.

This is one of the good things about me having some miles on my odometer and a good memory, because I have experienced a few things an I can usually remember them.  And what I remember is that education reform, as defined in articles like these, sprouted in the neoconservative to lamestream conservative political soil.  It was only some time in the latter half of the aughts that neoliberals in the Democrat-left picked up the baton and ran with it so fast that it is more identified and perceived and known as a neoliberal cause than a neocon/lamer-con cause.  And, as you can see in this article, the people who started the cause are complaining that it has been co-opted.

As far as education reform taking on SJW/BLM rhetoric, that’s really easy.  Remember, for the neoliberals, social justice rhetoric is a diversion.  The reason why it is incumbent for neoliberal education reformers to crank up the SJW noise to ear-deafening levels is because the neolibs with their education reform are giving the shaft to one of the really big wheels in the blue team:  Teachers’ unions.  The louder is the cacophony of social justice, ism, and phobia, the harder it’s going to be for teachers’ union leaders and members to think about how neolib ed reformers are screwing over teachers’ unions and its members.

To put it another way, the louder Hillary Clinton screams about isms and phobias, the easier it’s going to be for her to be an open whore for Goldman Sachs.





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