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29 05 2016



Few Americans have a lot of confidence in any of the branches of the government. Just 4 percent say they have a great deal of confidence in Congress, while 48 percent say they have only some and 46 percent have hardly any.

The other branches of government fare a little better, but still don’t inspire much confidence. Fifteen percent say they have a lot of confidence in the executive branch, 50 percent have some and 33 percent have hardly any. And 24 percent have a great deal of confidence in the Supreme Court, 58 percent have some confidence and 17 percent have hardly any.

On the other hand, 56 percent of Americans say they have a great deal of confidence in the military.

There are some partisan differences in Americans’ confidence in their government institutions. With a Democrat occupying the White House, Democrats are more likely than Republicans to express a great deal of confidence in the executive branch, 24 percent to 6 percent. And about 7 in 10 Republicans, but just under half of Democrats, have a great deal of confidence in the military.

Blogmeister bait because I see two of my perennial hobby horse themes here:  #NRx, and Living in the Differentials.

#NRx, just because the military is the only institution listed here whose approval rating is above water.

Living in the Differentials, these things really leap out:

* The delta between the approval rating of the military itself and the approval rating of the institutions whose members control and fund the military.

* The delta between the low approval rating of the executive branch as an institution (15%) and the mediocre but halfway respectable current approval rating of the current occupant and chief executive of the executive branch (mid-40s).  Baraq Obama has admitted that he experiences a chronic net wind to his back in his approval rating precisely because of race.  But I don’t think that explains how about 30% of people approve of the President but not of the Presidency.  The race thing is probably good for 5-10 points of it, pure blue team partisanship is probably another 5-10, and I think the rest is simply because of the ubiquitous celebrity of whoever is the incumbent President, as long as the economy isn’t in a total disaster and clusterfuck.

* The delta between the very low approval rating for Regress (4%) and the very high odds that its individual members have to get re-elected, and for the fact that within their districts or states, individual members of Congress or the Senate have approval ratings far higher than 4%.  This has long been baffling to far many more people than your ever-lovin’ blogmeister.  And I think none other than Cass Sunstein a short while ago provided the answer:  Because political parties are becoming more and more congruent with socio-racial tribalism.

* What is a bit surprising to me is that only 24% of Democrats approve of the Presidency, but you know the current occupant of the Presidency has around a 70-80% approval rating from the same group.  I think this delta and the overall delta (see above) can be explained by the same things:  Race, blue team partisanship, President as celebrity, non-clusterfuck economy, but the difference is that they’re wider spreads within the Democrat-only universe.  That “just under half” of Democrats approving of the military is a bit curious but very easy to explain:  It’s because its current Commander-in-Chief is a Democrat.




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29 05 2016
David In TN

When Obama “fell” into the 45 % range after a year or so, the lame stream conservatives exulted “Obama is in free fall in the polls.”

Obama has never been much under 45 % at any time. Nonwhites and white liberals will back the first Black President no matter what. He’ll never go as low in the polls (the 20’s) as Nixon or George W. Bush.

If Obama had a full blown Watergate situation, he’d still be in the low 40’s.

The late Lawrence Auster used to mock the Beltway Right for the “Obama’s numbers are in free fall” bit.

29 05 2016

I’ve seen his rating as low as the upper 30s, but no lower. But the point still remains. Never will the “first black one” ever have that low of an approval rating.

30 05 2016


The conventional wisdom is that a lame duck with decent approval ratings at about the time of election day helps his party’s nominee, and Hillary’s people are hoping that Obama is at least in decent enough shape in that regard on November 8. However, this is written in such a way that the trend could be broken this year. If these people weren’t scared of taboos, they would know why: Because 10-15% of Obama’s approval rating is affirmative action hot hair.

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