Brewing Behind My Back

31 05 2016


While I wasn’t looking, a brand new fresh soap opera has started around here.  It’s this business about SLPS et al versus the state and the city’s charter schools over how revenue from a sales tax for edumacation is appropriated.  It was a sales tax that was passed 17 years ago as part of the deal to wind down interdistrict deseg.  And all this time later, as far as I know, interdistrict deseg is still actually occurring.  Isn’t that odd.

Anyway, people may be wondering why the NAACP is siding with the SLPS against the charter schools.  And that’s easy — The St. Louis NAACP, like most other NAACP chapters, is full of the most important black preachers and “revvunds” in town.  Most of these “revvnuds” preach in churches whose members include a lot of black women SLPS employees, teachers, administrators, support staff.  So, it’s easy to see why the NAACP is sorta indirectly interested in the financial health of the SLPS.




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31 05 2016

I just thought of something.

Francis Slay and Jennifer Joyce have been in their nests since 2001, and both are not seeking re-election when otherwise they would be, Slay in April of next year, and Joyce in November of this year. Which means by the end of April, the city will have both a different mayor and a different circuit attorney. Maybe Dotson is in the mood to make it the trifecta? Dotson has been there since December 2012.

31 05 2016

More Dotson nooze

If Dotson thinks his desk is on top of shaky ground and his badge is melting, he’s gonna ratchet up the fellow-behind-the-tree noise to deafening levels.

1 06 2016

This is broader though than just St. Louis. A sibling of mine is a big wig in public education at a huge district in North Carolina and she has been ranting and raving about Charter Schools for years, posting anti-Charter school articles to facebook, etc. I think there is a broad push against anything that marginally threatens the status quo ($$$) of the public school system. And it becomes a black/white issue because we know the public school body nationally is becoming or is perhaps already majority minority and of course, as you point out, the staff, including at even our rather affluent district in St. Louis county, is becoming more minority every year as well. It’s just like the federal government in that regard.

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