Making Math Relevant

31 05 2016

Mobile, Alabama

Isn’t that what we’ve always been told that we need to do? It’s been a NCTM obsession for as long as I can remember.

Unfortunately, I don’t see a way to link that life to diffyq.

Also, who thinks that a common law life flossing her common law husband’s hit man dough while he’s in the slam is only going to spend $100 a month? More like $100 a minute.




6 responses

31 05 2016
1 06 2016

question 9 has a typo that makes me think this started as a 90s version of the bitch-100

1 06 2016
Area Man

OT What do you make of this? It took them 5 years to charge the guy? I don’t see how they can make 1st degree stick. Is one statement enough to prove premeditation? I would assume the cop yelled “Hands where I can see them” and the guy reached for something. Unless there is video or eyewitness testimony from another officer to the contrary, it is the cops word verses a dead guy. I am inclined to believe the cop.

1 06 2016

I’ve been mildly following it, and I think the only reason there are charges at all is political pressure. Joyce and/or her successor, probably Mary Pat Carl, will pressure him to plead out, otherwise, they’ll be sweating a jury not returning a guilty verdict and that causing more riots.

1 06 2016
Area Man

If he is smart he will request a bench trial. A black jury would convict even if there was video, audio and 100 eyewitness proving it was self defense.

1 06 2016

Take a bench trial and hope he gets Wilson or Dierker.

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