Reverse Queen Bee

31 05 2016


New York Mag, H/T Instapundit:

The sexism is less virulent now than it was in 2008, she said, but still she encounters people on rope lines who tell her, “ ‘I really admire you, I really like you, I just don’t know if I can vote for a woman to be president.’ I mean, they come to my events and then they say that to me.”

Provided this isn’t a lie, and considering who is saying it, that’s more likely than not, the people who are telling her that are other women.




3 responses

31 05 2016

The Traister piece is embarrassing, but what did anyone expect? The quote is classic shitthatdidnthappen.txt.

p.s. lol women

1 06 2016

From the comments section:

I don’t believe for one second her story about the LSAT at Harvard. I don’t believe that complete strangers told her she would be responsible if they got killed in Vietnam.

The real problem is that both the statement and the possibility that the student could have been sent to Vietnam might well be true. Because he is a male he might suffer, be maimed or killed or have to kill . . . but she’s the victim.

This bitch has never done anything on her own in her whole life except ride Bill’s coattail She never would have become a Senator and was completely unqualified to be Secretary of State. Just another female sponge on white male accomplishments who woulda, coulda, shoulda. Women who whine about the mythical 72% etc., are just begging men jobs instead of going out and creating them and paying women whatever the hell they want. Bill Burr has a brilliant bit on this – go to YouTube and search for ” Bill Burr takes on Hillary Clinton.” I won’t put up the link so no one will get a case of the vapors.

1 06 2016

All I need to know is that Hillary is hypocritically campaigning on both girl power and I’m my husband’s wife at the same time. When in reality, all she has ever been is his husband’s wife.

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