Scapegoat, Found.

31 05 2016



“Because he was critical of judges on the 22nd circuit”

Which he has been for the last two years.

I don’t take it as a coincidence at all that the aldermen who want Dotson’s scalp are black. (*)  They share something in common with most of the lenient judges that Dotson is criticizing.

But, when you have a problem this big and this chronic, and the cause is taboo, you need a handy scapegoat and a handy excuse.

(*) – Although Messenger just ripped Dotson a new one today in the op-ed page.




2 responses

31 05 2016

More Dotson nooze

If Dotson thinks his desk is on top of shaky ground and his badge is melting, he’s gonna ratchet up the fellow-behind-the-tree noise to deafening levels.

1 06 2016

Now there’s talk about Dotson running for mayor. Which means he may quit anyway.

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