Stand and Deliver

1 06 2016

Paterson, New Jersey

This is the same high school of Joe Clark, Stand and Deliver, fame.

Strangely, the school is currently more white and less black than I was expecting, and it doesn’t seem to be anything like the heavily black, with a few Hispanics, and hardly any whites, hopeless until Joe Clark came along with his baseball bat dump that it was portrayed to be in the movie.

Just why did Clark leave East Side High?


Ignore that demographic data, because it’s from a school named East Side High in Newark, not Paterson.  Great Schools does not seem to have an entry for Paterson’s East Side High, but Wikipedia’s page about the school has demographic data:  55% Hispanic, 43% black, 2% white.  That’s more like it.




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1 06 2016

Paterson like other old, formally industrial cities has a lot of attractive real estate: Lots of old dye houses that make awesome loft conversions as well as streets with huge, ornate Victorian era homes.

Paterson has been gentrifying and isn’t as ‘black’ as it used to be.

1 06 2016

I did find it curious that East Side High is officially in Newark, and Newark has been under the gentrification Eye of Sauron for some time.

1 06 2016

Wait.. that doesn’t make sense. Newark and Paterson aren’t even in the same county. Are you sure you just got a different East Side High?

Newark has had some redevelopment in the downtown and in the Ironbound section. The Ironbound is a traditionally Portuguese community that while having a very blue collar vibe to it, it actually a decent area.

The rest of Newark, with the exception of some areas with fine Victorian era homes could best be described as ‘black and hopeless’.

As for Clark, I have a vague memory of something involving Chip N Dale dancers at a school function that turned into some sort of scandal. I will have use the power of Bing and Google to refresh my memory.

1 06 2016

Turns out you are right, the East Side High in Newark is a different one. I found the Paterson’s East Side High demo data on Wikipedia. Will amend this post.

1 06 2016

Found it:

PATERSON, N.J., March 10— Joe Clark, the principal of Eastside High School portrayed in the film ”Lean on Me,” has been ordered suspended by the superintendent of schools because he arranged a school assembly at which strippers performed, officials said.

The superintendent, Dr. Frank Napier, ”has stated that Mr. Clark failed to supervise his building on this particular day,” said Robert G. Rosenberg, a lawyer for the Paterson Board of Education.

Dr. Napier, who ordered the suspension Thursday, refused to comment. The suspension with pay will start Monday if it is not challenged by Mr. Clark, Mr. Rosenberg said this morning. ”It’s my understanding that Mr. Clark is not going to fight the suspension,” Mr. Rosenberg added.

The assembly in question included an act by a dancer, Wanda Dee, in which she stripped three male dancers down to G-strings, Mr. Rosenberg said. School officials on hand stopped the show.

rest here:

1 06 2016

Everything old is new again at that school, so it seems.

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