Too Bad

1 06 2016

In case the Tweet goes stale, here’s what it’s referring to, and in it, it states that Trump is unlikely to fill his administration with writers from Radix or AR.

Otherwise, the Harretz article is the way too typical “the Nazis are coming” or “they’re all out to get me” Jewish paranoia.  The irony is that the Alt-Right as a movement isn’t organized around contempt for Jews or even really noticing the Jews, even though some of its constituent parts are; the irony is that many of those constituent parts either aren’t happy with the label Alt-Right for precisely that reason, or do like it but want to push anyone who isn’t 24/7/365 obsessed with Jews out of the Alt-Right.  It’s just that Jews have a way of accusing you of talking about Jews and thinking about Jews and dog whistling anti-Jewish propaganda even if you’re not actually talking or thinking about Jews that much if at all.  Paradoxically, coming from a group of people that doesn’t like to be noticed.




One response

2 06 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Paranoia is all that holds the jewish mind together. Everything is just a neuroses without the phobias. To the jew, everybody who doesn’t agree with them all the time is Hitler. People are beginning to realize they can either have Hitler or they can have nothing. Choose wisely.

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