Too White to Succeed

1 06 2016


Greene County and the city of Springfield are haggling over funding for the county jail, because all of a sudden, the Springfield PD is bringing in a lot more graybar hotel guests lately.  This is causing overcrowding issues.

I wonder what could be causing Springfield’s crime rate to jump.

Even though I don’t have to wonder — I already know.  Because it seems like every time I turn around, there’s news about a black mahogany mob in Springfield, or you have your assorted cucks in town adopting ghetto black kids from St. Louis or Kansas City, the Dorial Green-Beckham sort of deal.

Other secondary factors may include that some of the Hispanicization of various towns around southwest Missouri (the ones that have agricultural processing plants) is spilling over into Springfield, and the heroin epidemic is hitting lower class whites.




One response

3 06 2016
Area Man

I am sad to hear of the invasion. I spent a few years of my young childhood in SW Missouri. The Ozarks are beautiful country. Jobs were hard to find but this was Carter era so It was like that everywhere. That region had some of the friendliest and most genuinely decent people I have ever meet. They would have been considered White trash or hillbillys by our “elites”. I hate to hear it is being invaded by filth that want to turn it in to Mexico or yet another ghetto.

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