No Charges

2 06 2016

Lewis Place

Against the cop who ended the life of Ook-Ook.

Pretty warm outside today and really no chance of rain; pretty good riot weather.

And also, MissJupiter1957 can get rolling again.




5 responses

3 06 2016

Blacks aren’t going to riot with a chance of a Trump presidency.

3 06 2016
Area Man

I suspect if Trump wins the election the blacks, mexs and professional white protesters will go ape shit. They will want to do as much damage as they can while their fellow traveler and soul brother is in charge of the national guard.

I don’t know if they are smart enough to knock it off before Trump takes over (if that happens). If Hillary wins more riots are a possibility. They know there will be no punishment.

3 06 2016

the people paying them and organizing for them are, presumably, smart, and will knock this stuff off when they realize that there is absolutely no percentage in it.

3 06 2016
Hard Right

And also, MissJupiter1957 can get rolling again.

Aren’t there any right-wingers in STL who have cameras?

3 06 2016

Plenty, but none that really want to hang around that crowd or that part of town at any time of day, much less after dark.

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