Subsisting in the Margins

2 06 2016


CPD Supernintento grilled on the 16Δ15 YTD increase in “gun violence,” shootings and murders in Chicago.

So saith he:

In his remarks Tuesday, Johnson also pointed to weak gun laws in neighboring states, an endemic gang culture that ensnares children at younger ages and a “broken and overwhelmed” judicial system that releases violent offenders too soon.

He also spoke of social media contributing to the violence, saying many young people “taunt each other, brag about their crimes and dare others to confront them.”

That might explain the existence of the problem, but what it does not do is explain why it’s worse so far this year than over the same period last year.  The gun laws were just as weak in the neighboring states in early 2015, gang culture was just as strong in Chicago in early 2015, social media existed in early 2015, and yoots taunted each other on it in early 2015.  It’s not as if neighboring states’ gun laws are 40% weaker this year compared to last, gang culture is 40% more pervasive, or Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine are 40% stronger this year, to explain why May ’16 was 40% more violent than May ’15.

So, what explains the marginal increase in crime?

Answer:  Laquan McDonald, Black Lives Matter, black agitation.





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