Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

3 06 2016

Los Angeles

I deliberately avoided discussing the bangbangshootemup at UCLA yesterday, because of the Nutbar Doctrine.

I have noticed that the event has totally fallen off the media radar today.  That’s how I can tell the shooter is some sort of privileged oppressed minority of some sort.




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3 06 2016

Lets just say all of the media descriptions of him has a tall white shooter were somewhat inaccurate.

3 06 2016
Hard Right

Wasn’t a nutbar shooting. Just some Bengali Moslem shooting his teacher for giving him a bad grade. Happens all the time at Bell Curve High.

3 06 2016

I know it turned out not to be a publicity seeking nutbar. It’s just that I thought it was at first, and that’s why I tuned out.

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