I Knew He’d Find the Real Killer Eventually

5 06 2016

Lovelock, Nevada

That was his problem.  He kept looking for the real killer on golf courses.

All it took was him finding a mirror, and OJ was like:  “There he goes, right there!”




5 responses

5 06 2016
Alex the Goon

Heh, if that “the son did it” theory is true, you’d have to score that chimpout a 12, on a scale of 10. Regular nigs kill over the last piece of chicken; but this one killed her because she didn’t eat his chicken? Epic. And epically unbelievable.

5 06 2016

The son has an airtight alibi anyway.

5 06 2016
David In TN

The MSM and Company have gone in overdrive to justify (the theme of innumerable gushing reviews) the acquittal. ESPN is devoting 10 hours to it after the FX series.

The son had an airtight alibi as you said, but the proprietor of the ID Channel is making still another series, which I suspect won’t point at Jason but will invent a White Guy to blame it on.

6 06 2016

Count, vampires don’t have reflections, remember?

Also, if he’s 300 pounds, that would have to be a demm big mirror. (Can’t believe WaPo published a Fat Shaming quote.)

Still, this would be a killer (ha!) way for him to re-secure his narcissistic supply, eh?

6 06 2016
Hard Right

He kept looking for the real killer on golf courses.

The killer was Barack Obama?

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