Almost the Nightmare Customer

6 06 2016

The LiveLeak.

Additional YT:

(1) This is a wee slight preview of things to come, when the EBT cards stop working for good.

(2) When I was managing quickie marts back in 2010, even though none of them were that close to Bell Curve City, she was the kind of customer I feared getting a call about, other than an actual murder or shooting.

(3) She’s wearing two different kinds of shoes.  Hell, I’m embarrassed when I go out of the house wearing two slightly differently colored socks.

(4) At 0:40 in the LiveLeak vid, someone wearing a Cardinals hat backwards walks by really quick, which makes me wonder if this happened around here.




3 responses

6 06 2016
Alex the Goon

Every diverse city needs a “spot removal service” like Harvey Keitel would operate in a Tarantino movie, where spots like this beast just…vanish. I’m thinking they could be made into a renewable energy source, by turning them into Soylent Dog Chow, and putting some dogs on treadmills. If it adds enough juice to the grid to power just one sailfoam charger, it’d be worth it.

9 06 2016

looks like the one on south kings and manchester

9 06 2016

That’s a BP station. It’s certainly close enough to enough undertow for someone like that to live close enough to patronize it. North of The Grove and all those LGBTQ bars and establishments is Forest Park Southeast, a neighborhood that’s still mostly black and gentrification efforts there have been so far very uneven.

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