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6 06 2016


“Clinch,” in terms of enough superdels announcing their solid support.

And I think they did that, or HRC promised them enough of a swag bag in exchange for doing that, to neutralize Bern’s vote in California and the other season finale states tomorrow, which would thereby ensure that she gets enough delegates based on voting tomorrow to put her over 2382 even not counting any superdels.

If Obama endorses her after tomorrow’s voting, that’s as good as saying that there will be no indictment.



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7 06 2016
7 06 2016

Would that be a drag hag swag bag?

8 06 2016
Hard Right

How disappointing. Bernie only got 43 percent in Mexifornia. Screwed by minorities again. They should board the Trump Train.

8 06 2016

Even counting this psychological trick, HRC fell a bit short of 2382 if one only counts the delegates awarded based on votes in primaries and caucuses. However, she won more delegates, states and votes than Bern, which means the superdels will all line up behind her just for that alone. It’s the same situation that presented in 2008.

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