Short Answer: Nothing.

6 06 2016

Carr Square

“All the neat stuff that’s going to go up around it.”


“These 3,000 people that work there need places to live, eat and shop.”

But they already have places to live, and they’re nowhere near the corner of Parnell and St. Louis Avenue, they’re not going to shop on that corner, either, and they’ll eat at the company cafeteria, or brown bag it.

Believe me, they’ll build only what they need to between Cass, Jefferson/Parnell, St. Louis Avenue, and 22nd, and not one square foot more, and the people that work there will only be there for as long as they need to to do their jobs.

The video says that moving the civilian part of NGA to Arnold sprouted all sorts of new businesses around there.  Yes, because it’s Arnold, not Bell Curve City St. Louis.  That and people actually want to be around Norm.




4 responses

6 06 2016

I heard that.

People might want to come to be around my pugs, but not their owner.

8 06 2016

Meeting for potential contractors:

The first thing to be done is to clear all the land and clean it up, about 99 acres. That means, moving utilities, taking out streets and alleys and demolishing buildings. It’s expected to cost around $45 million. Many of the contractors want to do some of the work. Devon Britton is a contractor, “I’m looking for something to take me to the next level or something like that I could put a lot of people to work.”

The dindus already cleared most of that land just by being dindus. Just look at that area on Google Maps satellite view or Google Earth. It’s the main reason why NGA is going there, because of race pity and because it’s going to be cheap to clear out what the dindus didn’t already wreck and tear down.

8 06 2016

McKee is finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel. I now tend to think that part of the reason why this site was selected for NGA was to help McKee.

10 06 2016

Archaeologists are already doing digs on the future NGA site. They’re finding evidence that white people used to live there.

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