The Stuff of Lulz

6 06 2016



I’d love to see your battle plan, chief.

As for your fundamental philosophical contentions, five long Sam Francis paragraphs written twenty-one years ago is all anyone needs to refute.




One response

6 06 2016

“We should note that the whitest and most native member of the alt-right, through their embrace of collectivist authoritarianism, proves less American by merit than the most recent Mexican immigrant who embraces individual liberty. ” – And the vastly more numerous mexican immigrants who believe in collectivist authoritarianism on their terms? What of them?

“But whether it’s the nation, the race, the faith, the tribe, or any other overriding entity, no group has the right to subordinate individuals, ever, under any circumstances. That is the American way of life. Far from preserving it, the alt right stands poised to crush it.” – Does he know the history of the US?

I’ll laugh more at their idiocy when they have been crushed, but for now its terrifying to think that someone might actually believe all of that(as opposed to just being paid to write it).

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