Wicked Racial Profiling Trick

6 06 2016


H/T Sab.

Sky News headline:

Swiss Vote ‘No’ To Guaranteed Monthly Income

I stopped there.

The way I figure, there’s about a 50-50 chance that race and/or immigration is openly mentioned here.  If it’s not, then bet on that being the main reason why it failed.  An all-white Switzerland would have easily approved this measure.




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6 06 2016

In addition to that, Switzerland is split by I think 3 ethnic groups, Germans, French, and northern Italians. but then it also looks like you’re right on the money here:

“The right-wing Swiss People’s Party argued that the country’s open-border agreement with the EU would lead to people pouring into the country take advantage of the scheme.”

6 06 2016

Even if there wasn’t a pouring in, unfortunately, Switzerland already has enough non-white moochers. And that by itself would have been enough to swing this vote to no.

6 06 2016
Hard Right

Guess you guys saw this one?


The EBT Advantage Card

Crazy Slew-Footed Woman Destroys Store Because They Didn’t Acccept Her EBT Card.

6 06 2016

Of course I saw it, I’m just waiting for the inevitable Tommy Sotomayor video. At 0:40 some ook wearing a Cardinals hat walks by, which makes me think this happened somewhere around here. Also notice she is wearing two different shoes.

6 06 2016
Hard Right

I didn’t notice either one. I was trying to decipher the Monkey Babble.

6 06 2016

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