Next Time, Try a Little Cynicism

7 06 2016

Milford, Connecticut

Dood, really.


Though if it was up to me, there wouldn’t be a next time, not for you. It’s just that the damned Supreme Court won’t let us execute you.

In my day, guys handled prom date rejections like this:  “Whatever, bitch.”  It’s just that this one didn’t have any older cousins or younger uncles to teach him not to expect anything of the world and the people in it, so that one’s expectations are met with flying colors on a daily basis.  Sure, our generation, like his, was bombarded with the self-esteem propaganda, but the difference is that we were wisely cynical enough not to take it seriously.




9 responses

7 06 2016

Wow. When I was a pasty-faced, Buck-toothed, socially awkward teenager, nobody even ASKED me to the prom.

I dealt with it by hanging out in my bedroom, eating brownie batter and reading The Grapes of Wrath.

Who knew that good teenagers with high self-esteem handled the situation by taking someone out with a knife??

Yeah. Sarcasm.

7 06 2016

I follow the Twitter feeds of many in the local media. As a general rule they don’t retweet murder stories from far away places, but they made a exception in this case. They couldn’t wait to retweet a NYT piece on this. Gold star to whomever knows why they retweeted it, and why there was a NYT story in the first place.

7 06 2016

Hard Rights allusion is accurate I’d assume.

8 06 2016
The Gentle Grizzly

The perpetrator is white is my guess.

8 06 2016
Area Man

He is White and male. I expect to hear about how he is the perfect representation of a typical member of the Alt Right soon. Feeds the violence against women meme as well

8 06 2016

Add that to the Stanford swimmer scandal, and the media now have two Wolfean Great White Defendants to obsess over.

7 06 2016
Hard Right

All over a beaner….

7 06 2016

Half beaner half wop, seems like.

The photos I’ve seen of her, she looks pretty and vivacious like some of the Italian girls I knew in Philly. Good humored, regular features, bright expression/eyes.

Killer boy looks like a Bill Plympton animated character just as the facial features contract before disappearing into the center of his face.

8 06 2016
Hard Right

I didn’t see a picture of her. One thing’s for sure, there wouldn’t be much coverage if a ♠♠♠Negro♠♠♠ had killed her.

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