7 06 2016


ESPN can’t stop blabbering about it, so I guess I better give you the Cliff’s Notes:

The two big stars on the Golden State Warriors, their backcourt that call themselves the “splash brothers,” one Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, are both mixed race (“black”) men whose fathers were light(er) skinned black men who themselves played in the NBA (Dell Curry, Mychal Thompson), and both married former college volleyball players, a very light skinned black woman and a white woman, respectively, and both splash brothers were raised in traditional nuclear families.

They are not dark skinned black men who were raised by BT-1000 single mothers with fathers either in prison or nowhere in sight.

Therefore, they are not real.

We imposed a one drop rule color line sociology on them centuries ago, awaiting the inevitability that they would all start fighting each other over the lightness or darkness of their bouncyball players.




2 responses

7 06 2016

Who the fuck pays attention to the NBA anymore…

7 06 2016

Most of black Twitter.

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