Rides His Hog

7 06 2016

Music break.

Nick Nixon has to be either a native of the state of Missouri or a long time resident if he’s not.  And I know this without knowing anything about him and without having to do any Google research.

How can I be so sure?

3:13 in the video.  The lyric “outer road.”



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8 06 2016

Interesting, thanks for that insight.

My teacher was originally from Mizzouruh (Springfield). Used this term as long as I knew him (1970s to 2000s), and three Ivy League degrees, 40 years at a northern military college, a career as an Elizabethan lit and Roman Britain expert and science fiction writer, and 60 years among the sayers of “service road,” “feeder road,” and “frontage road” never changed it.

8 06 2016

Texas is the only other state that uses these things extensively, and there, what they are called depends on the metro area or region. But the only place where these things are called “outer roads” is Missouri, though even here, sometimes they’re called “service roads.”

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