Watch, Listen, Learn.

7 06 2016


Killed himself in the process of a selfie-with-gun.

His aunt is blaming everyone else.

What they all need to do is watch a video that someone made in reaction to when yet another bellcurver killed himself while doing a selfie-with-gun.

Failing that, we’ll just have to let Darwin do his thing.






3 responses

7 06 2016
Area Man

I am surprised it wasn’t his own gun. Hopefully he hadn’t bred. This is exactly the kind of DNA that we don’t need any more of.

Am I the only one that hopes there is video and it gets released?

8 06 2016

Sheeit, mah man. You spoze take a selfie wid a SAIL FOAM.

8 06 2016

Best comment. “Say Cheese”

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