Tomorrow, Be There (?)

8 06 2016



This is supposed to be an idea incubator.

Which, considering BFL’s previous failed ideas of asking for gang truces and the WMSKEO yard signs, might not be a bad thing, my cynicism notwithstanding.




4 responses

8 06 2016
Hard Right

We should start a pool on how many Groids get shot.

8 06 2016
Area Man

They don’t have to worry. I has all been taken care of. Spike Lee put an orange light bulb in the Empire State Building. That will take care it according to the media.

8 06 2016

Like I said on Sunday here, Spike Lee is protesting the lack of gun control ordinances in New York City.

8 06 2016
Area Man

It has been taken care of, not I.

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