8 06 2016

Washington, D.C.

Or, maybe not.

I knew this was inevitable, because even left-biased media sources’ articles about this subject matter in the recent past told you the truth if you read down in the paragraph count past all the partisan and ethnic cheerleading and hysteria.  Extremely few people signed up, and only a small percentage of those actually made it or continued to the next step of the process; everyone else just showed up for free food or a free swag bag or some Spanish language radio DJ egged them on to show up to beat up a Trump pinata doll.

It’s just more proof that the Hispanic vote and the Hispanic electorate is a paper tiger that exercises almost no real electoral college leverage and not much more leverage downballot.  Politicians who bank all their hopes on either Hispanics or under-30 voters are essentially giving their concession speeches.




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24 07 2016
Concession Speech | Countenance Blog

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