Germans Procreating With Germans Is a Disease

9 06 2016


Well duh, that’s what a nation, race or tribe is, by definition.  A very loosely inbred group of people.

Therefore, to save Germany from loose inbreeding, it must import people from cultures of tight inbreeding.

Or, everyone in the world has to be a Tiger Woods style tan everyman, and that way, racism, nationalism and tribalism will disappear (but not classism).




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9 06 2016

“Africa will be our problem, we have to assume this task,” he said likely in response to the new waves of migrants crossing into Italy from northern Africa.

When reading the above comments by the German Finance Minister, keep this in mind: he is a member of the CDU (as is Merkel), the nominally conservative major party in Germany.

9 06 2016

The Finance Minister said he wants to see more investment in the Middle East and Africa in order to combat the flow of migrants who come to Europe for better economic prospects.

Billions for tribute, but not one penny for defense.

Besides, if he thinks all this migration is good and will help Germany solve its German problem, then why does he want to “combat the flow” at all?

9 06 2016

He knows it will do no such thing. Hmm, sometimes the simplest explanation can sometimes be the most cynical explanation.

9 06 2016

er, other way around.

9 06 2016

Either way works.

9 06 2016

Letting in large numbers of people from an area with the highest rates of cousin marriage on planet earth is what will lead to inbreeding.

9 06 2016
Alex the Goon

Lots of German women wish their new neighbors practiced inraping, as well.

9 06 2016
Stan d Mute

More and more I come to think that feminists support & encourage the invasion for the same reason so many are feminists in the first place: they are horrifically homely. Normal white men couldn’t be induced to rape them if there was a million dollar bounty. So they hate white men who universally reject them. But the negro will hump *anything* as we see with even four hundred pound land whales and worse. Denied women, the convict negro just humps other males. So importing millions of negroes and nearly as indiscriminate Arabs (who will hump anything with a bag over its head) is an unqualified benefit to these beastly broads who otherwise had only celibacy and lesbianism as potential sexual status.

And since women are herd creatures following the leaders who make the loudest bleating noises, many reasonable looking (say 4-6 on scale 1-10) broads simply follow along in righteous SJW chorus whatever the beastliest sisters bleat into their megaphones. Finally they have a positive sexual market value *and* they stick it to the white man (and pretty girls who will be raped) at the same time.

10 06 2016
Dale Gribble

obese homely white girls love Arab dudes; think of the butt ugly female attorney convicted of helping the “blind sheikh” communicate with his group from jail

10 06 2016

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