Hold Up

9 06 2016

San Francisco

Slow down just for a moment.

I have a few questions and thoughts:

(1) Why are you assuming that this ZOMG GREAT HISPANIC VOTER TIDAL WAVE LOL~!!!!!1 is going to materialize in reaction to Trump in November, when we just found out today that it hasn’t materialized so far?

(2) What does Trump have to do with San Francisco school board elections?  I know that there’s a lot of fretting in that city about the decline of liberalism, though that may seem a bit odd considering that it’s 80%+ Democrat in Presidential and statewide and other elections.  But within the city itself, there’s a big schism between the filthy rich, the corporatists, the neoliberals, the banking and trade interests, the Web 2.0 business, on one side, and hard core true believer ideological leftists on the other side.  Sure, they’ll come together to vote for Obama, Feinstein, Boxer, Clown, Pelosi.  But when the politics are localized, then their divisions show.  Something makes me think that public school board politics and elections are part and parcel of this schism, and one side or the other thinks that they can peddle contempt for Trump into getting illegal aliens the franchise in school board elections so they can beat the other side.

(3) It says here that only illegal aliens with children enrolled in the city’s public schools will get the franchise, and the franchise will be limited to school board elections.

Wanna bet?

(4) Really, how many illegal alien Hispanics are there in San Francisco?  Remember, Hispanics are supposed to be the group that has this big axe to grind against Trump.  But I didn’t know that San Francisco or the Bay Area had that many illegal or legal Hispanic immigrants, at least not compared to the central valley or SoCal.  San Francisco is so expensive that I doubt it would have many.  Any illegal aliens that San Francisco does have are probably Asians.




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