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9 06 2016

Washington, D.C.

The New American:

After some grandstanding to placate outraged constituents, establishment Republicans in Congress quietly voted to fund…

What’s this all about?  Does it really matter what this particular thing is about?  It’s the way the Republican Party operates for the most part, so the specific question on the table is moot.  This perfidy is so common that you can pre-write the article and leave open spaces for dates and nouns.


“After some grandstanding to placate outraged constituents, Republicans in the Missouri General Assembly quietly voted for a budget that made virtually no cuts to the University of Missouri’s state funding.”




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9 06 2016

Related news:

Which means it’ll take Trump getting the pen and phone to make it stop; certainly we can’t rely on those great Congressional Republicans. Proving once again why I’m #NRx.

Thom Tillis is full of it when it comes to his reasoning. The real reason he voted the wrong way is because he represents North Carolina in the Senate, and North Carolina has Charlotte, and Charlotte has the headquarters of Bank of America and several other notable national banks, and all of them are (((rubbing their hands))) at the prospects of white suburbanites having to get new mortgages because the blacks who are about to get AFFH resettled next door to them are about to drive them out.

9 06 2016
Stan d Mute

Plus, of course, the very word “cut” in government use *does not* equal “cut” in standard English. A government “cut” is a “reduction in rate of growth.” They’ll spend every cent they spent before, but instead of an additional 20% they’ll now only increase 19.5% Such are government budget “cuts.”

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