Easy Credit

10 06 2016



St. Louis grocery owner shot in ongoing feud; police release description of suspect


Police say it wasn’t a robbery, but instead an ongoing feud that boiled over about 8:30 a.m. inside the store, at 4257 Shreve Avenue. The owner was shot as he stood behind the counter, apparently without warning from the gunman.


One onlooker, Darryl Richardson, 52, said he had known the man for 27 years. Richardson has rental property in the neighborhood and makes frequent trips there.

“He’s a good asset to the community,” Richardson said. “He’s a good guy. He feeds people when they’re hungry. Everyone’s here supporting him.”

Richardson said the store is a staple in the neighborhood. It sells groceries, beer and money orders.

“If people don’t have money to eat, he’ll say, ‘Go ahead’” and leave without paying, Richardson said. Some in the crowd said they’d known the man since they were youngsters, handing over pennies or nickels for candy.

Now I know the time of day.  Schmuck here was too easy with his credit, and when he tried to collect on an account in arrears, the debtor paid him in denominations of lead.




One response

10 06 2016

Other festivities in town later in the day yesterday and through the night:


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