Full Spectrum

10 06 2016


“World War T.”

Few students are choosing gender-inclusive housing. At Georgia Tech’s Atlanta campus, 42 out of some 4,100 students housed in dorms sought it last year.

One percent.  And mind you this is in a T-friendly environment.

“There are certainly some transgender students for whom it matters a lot but if it’s a gay man whose best friend is a lesbian and they decide they want to live together, this is an option,” said Demere Woolway, director of LGBTQ life at the Baltimore university.

College officials interviewed also emphasized they have no plans to phase out traditional gender-segregated housing.

“We have students … who want to maintain spaces where they are with people who have the same gender identity,” said Elizabeth Lee Agosto, senior associate dean of student affairs at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, which has offered gender-inclusive housing since 2007. “It’s important to have the full spectrum.”

I’ve been trying to figure out why L, G and B are so fucking defensive of T, other than the fact that since they’re in the Grand Acronym of alternate behaviors and have an informal mutual defense treaty, all the letters have to come to the defense of any one letter that is under attack.  The problem with that theory is that it’s a one way street:  L, G and B defend T these days, but T doesn’t seem to want to reciprocate; in fact, T not only won’t defend L, but sorta despises it, because they think L is “TERF” (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist), and T also whines about the “cotton ceiling” of L.  A much better theory is that G defends T because so many G can fathom the possibility that they themselves will become T in the near future, and that a lot of T are ex-G.  Add what I quoted above to it, that the social affairs of L and G are made easier by T-friendly housing arrangements.  To put it crudely, tranny-friendly dorms are also conducive to fags and fag hags that want to shack up.

“It’s important to have the full spectrum.”  That’s right — Everyone needs their safe spaces, except for white cishet goy men.  They, comprising 10% of the student body, are chimping out on campus making life a living hell for the other 90%.




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10 06 2016

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(((Certain plutocrats))) are rubbing their hands and just loving this. We’re all distracted yelling at each other over fringe freaks; mission accomplished as far as (((they))) are concerned. So, it’s full speed ahead to more billionaires and even worse wealth inequality. Not to mention Hillary’s innovative campaign slogan: “No vicious personal attack on the top one percent ever fed a hungry transgender.”

10 06 2016

“I’ve been trying to figure out why L, G and B are so fucking defensive of T” – Any stick will do to beat a dog. They also can’t really back out of defending Ts, if they concede defeat on that issue, then why not put L, G and B back in the DSM?

12 06 2016
Joshua Sinistar

Its easy man, its called Math. There aren’t enough queers to matter politically so they’re recruiting other weirdos and nuts. Its like the DNC without niggers, cause niggers be hating those queers.

16 08 2022
Drop It | Countenance Blog

[…] the whole alphabet spectrum and weaponized it and all the letters on their own behalf. In fact, I saw that coming as early as six years ago. Ts want Ls, Gs and Bs to respond to any perceived slight against Ts as […]

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