La Raza vs Nvidia

10 06 2016

Santa Clara, California

Should be a very good card from a price-performance standpoint.

The only problem is its branding number:  1070.  That’s the same number as Arizona SB 1070.

La Raza will never tolerate this anti-immigrant microaggression.  They’ll have no choice but to have Soros redeploy the same rent-a-mob he hired to beat up Trump supporters coming out of his function in next door San Jose to FSU at Nvidia HQ.




2 responses

10 06 2016

yeah, at the price point it’s a pretty great card.

11 06 2016

One thing that Nvidia has been mum about, mainly because 8K video is still a long way away on all fronts, even though YouTube now has an 8K codec available: Both the 1080 and 1070 can do 8K resolution.

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