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10 06 2016


P-D on BFL’s gun violence confab yesterday.

In it, we find out that one of the latest victims is the son of yet another victim from back in 2010.  I wrote about that case in this space here and here.  I’ve been blogging for so long that I’m getting to blog about succeeding generations in the same family getting murdered.  Turns out that the 2010 Thompson victim is the son of former State Rep. Betty Thompson (*), and that one of her other sons, which would be one of the 2010 Thompson’s brothers, is Kwame Thompson, who founded Kwame Building Group, which yet another brother of theirs now runs.  If that name rings a bell, it should:  It’s the firm that screwed up the newest MissingLink extension.

Now all I’ll need is to find out that someone mentioned by name in one of these articles is either transgender or is going to be administering St. Louis’s part of AFFH.  Then I’ll lose it.

(*) – She has been one of the few black public officials in the state ever to have endorsed Peter Kindercare for anything, even though he’s one of the biggest panderers around.




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10 06 2016

Everyone from here jokes about St. Louis being a big small town, but when you think about how relatively small and inbred the north side black community is, it’s kind of amazing. With black flight going on now for decades out of the north side, can you imagine what a hardscrabble, criminal bunch is left there?

10 06 2016

We’re either the biggest small town around or the smallest big city around, I think both are true. As far as black inbreeding, I’ve said it myself here, that when you have so much “papa’s maybe” uncertainty in Bell Curve City, it’s easy to see how there can be a lot of accidental incest, you could have a half brother and half sister hooking up and they don’t even know it. Also with gang and clique boundaries being so well enforced, they’re not going to cross the gang boundary street to fuck and procreate, so within a gang’s turf, over time, they become inbred tribes as much as they are gangs. Meaning that the gang violence takes on a blood feud vendetta Cosa Nostra type of urgency.

10 06 2016

The 2016 Thompson murder victim’s boss speaks out.

Here’s the meat:

“Dear St. Louis: If we want to fix our problems, we must measure and own them, and then move in unison and with speed to address them,” he said in his five-tweet message. “So in the case of crime, we leaders must stop rationalizing poor crime stats by discussing the city and county separation. Rather, let’s put the crime stats front and center, and then collectively own the responsibility to improve them, from private to public. The same should apply to many St. Louis’ other struggles, from social to economic, which are (a) very real; and (b) largely intertwined. I am still incredibly bullish on St. Louis, but today, I am pissed off. Do better, St. Louis.” He elaborated Friday that he hopes civic leaders are able to start treating data like he said the private sector does: face that the data is ugly without making excuses for why that is the case.

“Must stop rationalizing poor crime stats by discussing the city and county separation” — He’s talking about this long time effort to merge city and county crime reporting to act as a statistical cover for the city’s high crime rate. See this:

“…start treating data like he said the private sector does…”

Except that the private sector deals with data that doesn’t relate to taboo subject matters. It’s also why, as Sailer informs us, that the amateur statgeeks haven’t applied their brain power to crime or law enforcement or real estate, because of the racial taboos.

11 06 2016

Left unstated here are any solutions proposed at BFL’s summit. Probably all they did was sit and stand around and be outraged, and agreed to keep on being outraged.

12 06 2016
5 09 2016
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[…] 2009 transit cuts was because the MissingLink extension was way late and way over budget, thanks to affirmative action contractors, and this ate a big hole in Metro’s budget.  The story does have a happy ending; not long […]

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