Miss Weavie Wants You to Buy Her Weave

10 06 2016

Richmond, Virginia


She advocates slavery reparations for overweight black women.

I dunno, something tells me that her motivations are decidedly less than altruistic and may be a wee bit personal.  But then again, maybe I’m being too cynical; after all, I was advised today against cynicism in the medium of the e-mail.

Nevertheless, she makes the case:

Let me be clear, though: when I say, “F*** you, pay me,” I mean, “F*** YOU. PAY ME.” Pay me a check, pay me consistently, provide me safe housing, offer me a job with benefits, run me those Beyonce tickets, finance my clothes and wigs and aesthetics, cultivate accessibility to spaces and provide seats that fit me, see and validate my humanity.
That’s what it’s all about.  All she really cares about is the free weave; everything else, she can get on her own.



6 responses

10 06 2016
Alex the Goon

“F*** you, pay me.”
No, and, no.

11 06 2016
Dale Gribble

She said, “if you have the corn starch I have the wet spot.”

11 06 2016
Hard Right

Corn starch won’t cover up the stench.

11 06 2016

This reads like a subtle yet thorough trolling job by one of us on the alt-right. I thought it must be satire, but apparently she’s a real person; however, her FB page could be fake, I suppose.

11 06 2016

Okay, you want to know what this is really all about?

She’s mad that rich and powerful men screw attractive svelte white women instead of two ton black whales like her. Which means the attractive svelte white women that rich and powerful men screw get access to money and power, while two ton black whales like her do not. It is a truism: Women throw themselves at high status men, but high status men don’t have to reciprocate. Because she knows she can’t screw her way up the ladder, she wants rich and powerful men at the top of the ladder to throw her some crumbs.

11 06 2016
Hard Right

I’d give these two reparations just to shut them up….

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